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This population-level synthesis and degradation of molecules promotes the coordinated activity of cell migration, proliferation, and differentiation. A solid communications medium analogous to phone cables seems ideal for establishing the smooth transmission of information between cells.

Immediate and long-term galvanotactic responses of Amoeba proteus to dc electric fields.

In some organisms, cellular communications are established even under such uncertain conditions, but the mechanism by which this is achieved remained poorly understood. Mathematical analysis shows that this fold-change dependence ensures population-level cooperative phenomena to exhibit the same dynamics regardless of cell density.

Since similar fold-change detection is well known in human sensory systems, the present results suggest a universal feature of signal processing across many levels of the biological hierarchy. It looked rather complicated at first, involving tens of thousands of cells that collectively create unpredictable patterns in space and time, but what it boiled down to was a rather simple mathematical principle that underpins the robustness," says Sawai.

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He continues, "This is one of the rare examples in which this kind of simple mathematical principle was demonstrated in biology. We hope that the finding will inspire and stimulate studies in other biological systems and deepen our knowledge of universality in biological phenomena.

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follow site The cell response to the field reversal appeared to be localised and to take place in less than 1 sec. First the retraction and withdrawal of the anode-directed pseudopodium was observed whereas the uroid cell tail moved for sec in the original direction before it begun to react to the field reversal.

The exposure of amoebae to the dcEFs sensitised them to the reversion in the field direction and induced an acceleration of cell responses.

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The results presented are difficult to reconcile with the attempt to explain the cell galvanotaxis as a consequence of the membrane protein lateral electrophoresis or electroosmosis. It is suggested that the lateral electrophoresis of ions and the modification of ionic conditions at the vicinity of ion channels may be involved in the induction of fast responses of cells to external dcEFs.