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When Drew suddenly discovers he's not only a werewolf but the long-lost heir to the murdered Wolf King's throne, he must use his wits and newfound powers to survive in a land suddenly full of enemies. Drew's the only one who can unite the kingdom in a massive uprising against its tyrant ruler, Leopold the Lion.

But the king is hot on Drew's tail and won't rest until he's got the rebel Wolf's head. His noisy new preschool show, Raa Raa, can be seen on CBeebies, while his original paintings and prints sell in galleries the world over.

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Wereworld is his first novel. Praise for the Wereworld series: "Rise of the Wolf" Jobling s debut initiates a sure-to-be-long series of Wereworld tales, pure fantasy adventure with plenty of horror in the mix this will find broad appeal among lovers of adventure fantasy, especially those mourning the end of John Flanagan's Ranger s Apprentice.

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  • Rise of the Wolf (Wereworld: Book 1).

Give this series opener to fans of Flanagan s Ranger s Apprentice series. Yes, he can! Geek Dad on Wired.

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In Stock. A low growl emanated from its great heaving chest, muscles rippling beneath its dark skin. Eventually, Drew comes to meet Duke Bergan, the Bearlord ruler of Brackenholme; and he is suddenly thrust into the deadly politics of the shapeshifting Werelords of Lyssia. Bergan is a friend; Vankaskan, the Ratlord, is an enemy; Hector, the young son of the Boarlord Baron of Redmire, is another friend.

Drew learns that his true father was Wergar the Wolf, the previous King of Lyssia who was betrayed and murdered by Leopold the Lion.

Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf

Princess Gretchen, the spoiled teen werefox, provides the prickly romantic interest in this Young Adult novel. Readers will need to refer to the map of Lyssia often. Drew, who is understandably confused by all of this which escalates into an outright Lyssian civil war in the sequels , not to mention being able to turn into an almost-invulnerable wolf how many wolves besides him survive? Those who want to know who all of the Werelords are can get some clues by the titles of the next three volumes: Rage of Lions , Shadow of the Hawk , and Nest of Serpents.

With Wereworld , Jobling returns to producing dramatic fantasy for older audiences. He has always been a fine artist, exhibiting his paintings and prints in international art galleries.

Review: 'Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf', by Curtis Jobling

I think why no one reviewed it yet is because of a bad first impression. Maybe I might pick up a copy because first impression aside, it does look pretty interesting Hi Fred - can't tell if it was enjoyed or not by the 2 stars. My first loves have always been horror and fantasy, so WW was a fine marriage of the two certainly to me! Anyhoo's, hope you stay with the series. Currently plotting the fifth novel in the series and shall be kicking off writing this coming week. Cheers for the feedback guys!

CJ www. Hi Curtis! Thanks for taking the time to drop by and give us some more background on Wereworld. For what it's worth, the star rating is Flayrah's users' rating of this review, not the reviewer's rating of your work. No problem at all, I get alerts now and again via the magic of Google so I winged my way over to see what was what ;- I sussed the rating system after I posted.

Great site - and Flayrah is for "Furry Fandom"? A world is opening up to me!

Rise of the Wolf (Wereworld Series #1) by Curtis Jobling, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

I'm a huge fan of anthropomorphosised animals, let alone werecreatures, so I shall ensure I call in more frequently. CJ curtisjobling www. Those Alerts are great, aren't they? Flayrah's in Google News, so they usually trigger on our posts. If the fandom is new to you, you can find out more at Wikipedia ; and at WikiFur intro to furry.

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Whatever's convenient! Um, I haven't checked yet to see if it is on the air in the U. Public Library to get it to read it. I am into Middle Earth-type fantasies with detailed political action. We're still waiting on a US broadcaster, although we have the magic number of requisite episodes in the can 52 which means it's ready for pick up.

Hopefully it's a case of when rather than if. Sounds like you and I are fond of similar books, chum. You can see a lot of the recent books that I've read here at Flayrah. Featured: Eurofurence 'Fractures in Time' — con report - Over August, Berlin's Estrel hotel was filled to capacity with furs attending Euro ….

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