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He served there for fifteen years as Department Chair and is presently a member of the Hutton Honors College Faculty where he teaches courses in political communication. He has taught public speaking and persuasion as well as courses in public address, rhetorical criticism, and American Studies. His teaching awards include: the Sylvia E. He is the author of numerous studies that have appeared in scholarly journals, has published several essays in volumes of collected studies, and is the author or co-author of seven books. Glen Williams Ph.

His research and teaching focus on communication education particularly instructor training and development and rhetorical criticism. His work in pedagogy appears in various volumes of the Basic Communication Course Annual and in Communication Teacher. From his days as a lad consuming book after book, he has had a keen interest in the value of basic communication skills and how to nurture those skills.

He continues to refine his understanding, teaching courses in public speaking and honors public speaking , persuasion, public address, and rhetorical criticism. At the graduate level he concentrates on public address and has also taught communication pedagogy. He directed the basic course for each program, with the exception of Missouri State. Paper Bound with Access Card.

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Out of print. Description For courses in Public Speaking. Enhance learning with MyCommunicationLab. Learn more.

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MediaShare offers an engaging online environment where students can interact with both peers and instructors. Mobile-friendly and structured like a social network, MediaShare facilitates interactive learning by making it easier than ever for students and instructors to share and comment on speeches, group projects, outlines, and more. Users can upload original content for peer and instructor feedback, or embed YouTube content with just a few clicks.

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PersonalityProfil e allows students to evaluate their communication style. With PersonalityProfile, instructors can show learning and growth over the duration of the course. Focus on Civic Engagement boxes tell stories of everyday people getting involved in society by engaging in civic affairs. Focus on Civic Engagement box features Barack Obama on human rights. Focus on Civic Engagement: The Ripon College Speakers Bureau covers how the bureau is helping students put what they learn in the classroom into practice.

Chapter on Ceremonial Speaking in Democratic Society shows students how this tradition has a powerful role in reinforcing societal values. End-of-chapter speech in chapter 7 features student Terry Ford on the American prison system.

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The audience is put at the forefront , teaching students that public speaking is a collaborative process between the speaker and his or her audience, crucial to the planning, delivery, and outcome of a speech. Statistics and coverage of the number of young people volunteering for community service, voting, and their levels of political interest, has been updated. Coverage of Understand the Target Audience includes updated examples, such as how sexual assaults have been protested on college campuses and how victims addressed both peers and the press in their speeches.

Coverage of Helping Listeners Feel Appreciated by Others explores how appeals status can be used for good purposes. Narrowing the Topic coverage includes new examples to support the content in Consider the Situation and Consider the Audience. Section on Accuracy and how to be an ethical advocate. Taste and Judgement section discusses how to pick a topic that is not embarrassing or offensive to the audience.

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