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Contributions from the Gray Herbarium of Harvard University 2: 1— Notes on the systematic position of Clibadium , with descriptions of some new species. Contributions from the Gray Herbarium of Harvard University 1—8.

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A revision of the genus Viguiera. Contributions from the Gray Herbarium of Harvard University 1— A remarkable new species of Ichthyothere.

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Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences — Revision of the genus Acanthospermum. Contributions from the U. National Herbarium — Key to the genus Diplostephium , with descriptions of new species.

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National Herbarium 65— Two new genera related to Narvalina. Five new American Melampodiinae. The section Diplostephioides of Aplopappus. New South American species of Werneria.

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Review of the genus Diplostephium. American Journal of Botany 43— Twelve new American Asteraceae. Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 25— Notes on certain type specimens of American Asteraceae in European herbaria. National Herbarium Eleven new American Asteraceae. Five new Asteraceae from Mexico and South America.

Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 47— Blasco, M. A revision of the genus Desmodium Desv. Leguminosae for Flora of Ecuador. Die Gattung Odontoglossum H. Die Orchidee — Die Orchidee 11— Die Orchidee 79— Bohac, J. Discovery of wild tetraploid sweetpotatoes. Bohlin, J. A monograph of the genus Colignonia Nyctaginaceae.

Nordic Journal of Botany 8: — Bohs, L. Cyphomandra Solanaceae.

Transfer of Cyphomandra Solanaceae and its species to Solanum. Boissier, E. Victoris Masson, Paris. Bolick, M. Systematics of Salmea DC. Compositae: Heliantheae. Boom, B. A revision of Isertia Isertieae: Rubiaceae. Borchsenius, F.