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Bogle believes you buy and hold the stock market for the long term. Always be invested in stocks to some degree. Stay the course … Always be in at a certain level. Although it might be too much for anyone not in high school, the content from Ben Graham remains some of the best written. B annual meeting. Adult investors understand the importance of this book. Snow has logically organized the book so that people new to investing will be able to learn on the fly.

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The page paperback, which the year-old St. Paul student self-published in November , is an excellent way for young people to understand that there are investing opportunities all around them. Paul Pioneer Press shortly after releasing the book. I still have it. There are books about investing geared to young investors written by adults, and then there are books by young investors for young investors.

If you want a young person to get excited about investing, this is the book to give them. He breaks the mold.

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In , he put out Millennial Money: How Young Investors Can Build a Fortune, a book about why young people need to start investing early and how they can buck the traditional methods for making money to build real wealth. As of this writing Will Ashworth did not hold a position in any of the aforementioned securities. Compare Brokers.

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No matching results for ''. Tip: Try a valid symbol or a specific company name for relevant results. A few hours after each purchase, he would send as many as false and misleading e-mail messages to various Yahoo Finance message boards promoting the stock he had just bought. The messages were sent using fictitious names, making it seem that many different investors thought the stocks held promise.

Often at the same time that he bought the shares, Mr. Lebed would place an order to sell them at prices well above the prevailing market, Mr.

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Horowitz said. This was done to ensure that he could profit from a jump in the stock even if it came during the day while he was at school, Mr. Lebed lured investors into the stocks with predictions that the shares would soon soar in price. The regulators said that Mr.

Lebed's messages always caused the price and volume of the mentioned stocks to increase significantly. In some cases, the stocks reached their record highs in both price and volume after the e-mail messages. Shares of all nine of the companies Mr. Lebed sent e-mail messages about are traded on the over-the-counter bulletin board, a market for the smallest and least-known stocks. The stocks involved in Mr. None of the companies have been charged with any wrongdoing in the matter. Marino described Mr.

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Lebed as a self-taught stock trader who developed an interest in the market when he was About three or four years ago, Mr. Lebed and two schoolmates at the Memorial Middle School in Cedar Grove entered a nationwide stock-picking contest and did very well, said a resident who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Lebed was described as a loner and an outsider in a high school known for its cliques. The Lebed home is in a hilly, wooded neighborhood where some residents can see Manhattan.

A neighbor out tending his lawn, who declined to identifiy himself, raised his eyebrows yesterday when he heard about the profits Mr.

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Lebed had been accused of making. He said, ''I just wish he'd told me about it, that's all I can say. Regulators declined to say how they found out about Mr. Lebed's trading. Horowitz said the S. He also said that brokerage firms sometimes tipped the agency off to highly profitable, short-term trading in customers' accounts. Perhaps the most amazing aspect of this case is that there are investors who will buy stocks based on anonymous Internet tips. Even though the messages had little substance -- one characterized an investment as ''the most undervalued stock ever'' -- investors rushed in. Ronald C.

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